Lathe Tools

Turning - Inserts & Holders
Turning Inserts & Holders
Huge selection of Carbide Inserts in various shapes, radii & grades for turning almost any material. Section also contains their respective External Toolholders and Internal Boring Bars (Steel or Carbide with/without thru-coolant).
Grooving - Inserts & Holders
Grooving and Parting off - Inserts & Holders
Our latest range of Internal, External and Face Grooving holders and their respective indexable carbide inserts.
Parting Off Holders & Inserts
Parting off - Blocks, Blades & Inserts
Our latest range of External Parting Off Blades, their respective indexable carbide inserts and Blade Holders. These are the most popular tools for creating external round grooves or accurately cutting off length in diameter bar.