Carbide, Cobalt & HSS Reamers

Intermediate Machine Reamers (0.01mm Increments)
 0.01mm increment machine reamers for enlarging holes  to a VERY specific size with options of Carbide and Cobalt, various tolerances and coatings.
Standard Machine & Hand Reamers
Ranges of nominal diameter and standard length Hand and Machine reamers for enlarging holes to precision tolerances. Options within this section of: Carbide, Cobalt and HSS; Various Tolerances; and Coating.
Extra Long Taper Shank Machine Reamers
For enlarging holes to precision sizes at lengths when standard length reamers are too short.
Taper Bridge / Alignment Reamers
For enlarging holes or aligning misaligned holes with machines that accept Morse Taper Shanks. 
Car Reamers
For the enlargement of holes or the alignment of misaligned holes in pistol drills or standard 13mm chucks.