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Carbon Dies
Carbon / DIY Dies
Carbon Split Dies for making new threads on bar and Carbon Hex Dies for repairing damaged external threads. These are popular for hobbyists, model makers and DIY enthusiasts with small batch jobs and due to their low price. For Steels, Plastics and soft metals.
Carbon Hand Taps
Carbon / DIY Hand Taps 
Ideal for small jobs where a small amount of holes are needed tapped. As the most economical of the hand tap ranges and are popular with DIY, model makers and hobbyists. For more challenging materials look at our range of HSS hand taps.
Floating Reamers
Floating Reamers
A variety of David Brown Floating Reamers and blades in HSS and TCT for through or blind holes.
Magnetic Drilling Machines
Rotabroach Magnetic Drilling Machines
Full range of market leader Rotabroach's 110 volt,230 volt and air magnetic drilling machines.  
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For over 35 years we have been selling to aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, defence, medical, general engineering industries and private users. We specialise in cutting tool solutions and products to help our customers maximise productivity, improve cycle times and reduce costs without compromising on quality. Predominantly we supply: carbide turning inserts, milling inserts; solid carbide milling cutters, gauge plate/ ground flat stock, silver steel, hand taps, machine taps, reamers and all sorts of spindle tooling and accessories. We go out of our way to support supplying well known brands regarded for their performance and quality as we know this is important to our customers whether you are a multi-national corporation or a hobbist.

The site is features our primary online partners: Europa, Clarkson/Osborn, Europa Edgetech, Guhring, ATi Garryson, Apex, V-Coil, Rotabroach, Omega, Vargus, Coventry Tools, Dakin Flathers, Magafor, Re-Al, Trubor and Precision Brand.

Some of the other major brands we are agents for include: Kennametal, Dormer, Pramet, Rohm, Widia, Mitsubishi, Walter, OSG, Presto, Merlin Tools, Linear Tools, Moore & Wright, Mitutoyo, Sealey, Draper, Arno, Microbore, Sait abrasives and Dickies. 

Our site holds more than 24,000 items and this will to continue to expand massively. We have created colour coded keys on most pages to help you identify suitable products at a glance and backed this up with an extremely strong search facility to help you refine and compare products easily. However, if you do not see a product that you would like please contact us and we will either add it to the site or source it for you.