Cutters for Lower RPM Machines

Solid Round Shank Cutter - Tutorial

Standard Cobalt Cutters
Standard Cobalt Cutters
The cutters in this section are your first choice for milling if you have a machine with low spindle speeds (approx 2500RPM or less). If you have an old Bridgeport or hobbyist machine these cutters will: run far better at lower speeds; be less prone to chipping (than carbide); and are much more affordable. Our Cobalt cutters are recommended for use on Steels and Aluminium.
Standard Carbide K30
Standard K30/General Puropse Carbide
Standard carbide slot drills, end mills and roughing end mills designed for general purpose. Can be offered with TIALN coating for increased tool life and wear resistance.
Sabre Roughers/Rippers
Sabre Roughers / Rippers
Powder metallurgy end mills and roughing end mills that are highly recommended for use on steel and stainless steels. The sabre coating offers increased wear resistance at high speed machining. 
Intermediate Cobalt Cutters
Intermediate Cobalt Cutters
Our range of 2 Flute Cobalt Cutters ranging from 3.0mm - 20.0mm (in 1.0mm increments).
Application Form Cutters
Application Form Cutters
Our range of cobalt form cutters include corner rounding, t-slot, dovetail and woodruff cutters. Supplied on a Weldon shank and recommended for use on steels, cast irons and aluminium.

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