Certificate of Conformity for our packs of Helicoil / Wire Thread Repair Inserts

Certificate of Conformity for our packs of Helicoil / Wire Thread Repair Inserts

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Part Number:  WT-COC
Thread Form:  N/A
Diameter:  N/A
Length:  N/A
Type:  Certificate of Conformity
Thread Pitch:  N/A


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

What is a Certificate of Conformity?
A COFC is a document that demonstrates type approval, an award that certifies that a product complies with minimum production, technical and safety standards. These standards will vary depending on what the product is and where it will be sold, as different industries and countries impose different standards. A certificate states that a product meets all the requirements required of its type. A COFC is supplied by a manufacturer to their client to certify that the part supplied conforms to the agreed design. (Ref: Status-CMM)

Why would I need a Certificate of Conformity?
The main benefit of a COFC is the ability to get parts to market in a timely manner. Delays in securing type approval can prevent a product being sold and cause lengthy hold-ups that can affect your profitability. Having a Certificate of Conformity can also speed up your inspection process by establishing norms and standards that can be referred to, to improve manufacturing efficiency. (Ref: Status-CMM)

How many Certificates do i need?
If you're buying single or multiple packets of our thread repair inserts and you require Certificates of Conformity the purchase of ONE Certificate will cover the entire order (regardless of quantity or varying sizes on the order).

Also, the certificate MUST be purchased at time of order. Your certificate will be invalid if you place an order for items and then a later order for the certificate. 


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