7/16 x 14 UNC Hexagonal Dienut Carbon Steels

7/16 x 14 UNC Hexagonal Dienut Carbon Steels

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Part Number:  DIECUNC7/16N
Thread Form:  UNC (Unified National Coarse)
Diameter:  7/16
Style:  Hex Dienut
Thread Pitch:  14 TPI


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Thread Form Outside Diameter Material
7/16 14 U.N.C. (Unified National Coarse) None - Hexagonal Carbon Steel

Country of Manufacture 
United Kingdom

About our Carbon Steel Dies
We are proud to supply our range of British manufactured carbon steel hand taps and dies. These high quality and durable taps and dies, are a fantastic low cost threading solution for general engineers, model engineers, hobbyists and mechanics.

Plastics, Nylon, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Mild Steel, Soft Steel, Stainless (316)

Why pay expensive HSS prices when our carbon dies will usually do the same job at a fraction of the cost?


Note: A hexagonal die nut is for repairing damaged threads, rather than cutting new ones. It will try and re-form a thread that has been stripped or cross threaded. If you are cutting a new thread you will need to order a circular split die from our range.



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