1.1/2 x 18TPI Easy Change Boring Head Adaptor

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Part Number:  EC-CBI1500-01X
Type:  Boring Head Adaptor


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Type: EASY CHANGE Boring Head Adaptor
Capacity: 1.1/2 x 18TPI

L: 15mm
D: 1.1/2 x 18TPI

Tool change in 2 seconds
No spanner required
Fits directly into the machine spindle without modification
Short overhang for greater rigidity
Full range of adaptors available
Adaptors have taper location and solid drive for accuracy and strength
Other machine fittings available

Centre drill, drill tap, chamfer.
This simple sequence of operations is used thousands of times a day on turret mills around the world. Simple though it may be, it requires 3 Tool changes, often taking longer than the actual cutting times. Easychange will enable this wasted time to be reduced to a fraction of that required with conventional equipment.

Easychange is simple, accurate and robust, and has the added advantage of allowing tools to be pre-set to length, thus increasing productivity on repeat operations. The short overhang of Easychange means no significant loss of capacity or performance. Tool changes are executed by hand, (often changes can be accomplished one handed) and no spanner or key is required, as Easychange locks fully automatically the moment the toolholder is loaded.

The release action is such, that very little clearance is needed between the tool and the workpiece when changing tools. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent winding the table clear, or retracting the quill.

Easychange requires no special installation, it simply fits into the machine spindle using the existing drawbar, and as it can be left in situ and used for almost any milling or drilling task, it protects the machine spindle from the wear and tear associated with constant Tool changing.


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