TEMPLEX - BLUE FOAM Cutting and Tapping Fluid
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TEMPLEX - BLUE FOAM Cutting and Tapping Fluid [Templex]

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TEMPLEX™ gives better metal-working lubrication at the touch of a button, in the factory, machine shop and on site. The TEMPLEX™ aerosol spray is completely Liquid, which is especially beneficial where rapid penetration is required (e.g. hole boring & drilling) and on multiple materials (especially aluminium) where paste type compounds may be slow acting.

Is NOT recommended for Stainless Steels
(Stainless Steels require lubricants with extremely high EP content). Lubricants with High EP additives can be found in our other ranges of tapping compounds. 

In its original HUGE 600ml Double Size can.

NEW - unique BLUE FOAM feature provides all-round lubrication at cutting edge.

  • Assists almost every metal working process
  • Gives extra lubrication, where and when you want
  • Improves surface finish and/or working speed
  • Reduces machining problems with difficult materials
  • Prolongs cutting tool life
  • Reduces power losses due to frictional drag

Application: Drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, hobbing, broaching, cutting, milling, grinding, pressing, rolling and others. Suitable for use with all types of metal (except Stainlesses), Templex™ has also proved itself in the machining of plastics and other synthetic materials.

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