8mm Short 3 Flute Roughing ET1 K30 TiALN Coated Carbide Cutter
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8mm Short 3 Flute Roughing ET1 K30 TiALN Coated Carbide Cutter [3203230800]

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Recommended for: Milling of Stainless Steel, Titanium and Inconel


Size: 8mm

Flute: 3Fl Centre Cutting

Shank: 8mm    Cutting Length: 9mm    Overall Length: 58mm

Helix: 30 Degree


Type: Solid Carbide Cutter.

Coating: TiALN

Composition: This is a special coating for machining abrasive materials such as : grey cast iron, alu-alloys with silicon, fiber reinforced plastics, etc., or machining under high temperatures, which means with insufficient cooling, or high speeds 600m/min. The TiAIN has a hardness of approx. 3,000 HV and is temperature resistant up to approx. 800șC. Main benefits of this coating are increased speeds and feeds and prolongs tool-life.

Colour:  Violet-Grey - Coefficient of friction against steel : 0.4

Application: Popular choice with both general jobbing shops and production lines these cutters are a high quality, durable and low cost solution for milling all types of Stainless Steel, Titanium and Inconel.

Best for:

Stainless Steel



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